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Here is the list of some niche websites and cool blogs that are spreading the word about Devbhoomi Himachal, its diversified and rich cultural heritage, Food, Pahari Music and Songs, Travel and Tourism, The People, Career and Jobs and the latest News from the hill state.

My Himachal: Main moto of My Himachal is to preserve Himachal culture, promote, support and expand social and economic interests of Himachal Pradesh and its people worldwide.

HimVani: HimVani is an online grassroots journalism initiative with a mandate to give voice to concerned citizenry within the state and its diaspora on social and developmental issues concerning Himachal Pradesh.

GalSuna: An exemplary initiative for promoting the Pahadi Language.

Himachal-Live: Himachal Live provides platform to all who want to voice their views. The main goal of Himachal Live is to generate public awareness and responsiveness towards development in the state.

Mcllo: An Informative, Travel and Community Website of Dharamsala, Mcleodganj and Kangra Valley

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