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Great Khali from Longest yard to Get Smart

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Born as Dalip Singh Rana in a small village of Himachal is now Great Khali for the world.Dalip Singh Rana was born on August 27th, 1972 in a humble family of the Dhirana village of Sirmaur Distt. in Himachal Pradesh .He worked for
many years as a labourer in a small village and later in Shimla, later he was picked by the Punjab Police chief and recruited as a constable in Punjab Police due to his bodybuilding talent.
He Won Mr. India talent and this led to his journey to WWE.There was no looking back for him after defeating undertaker in no time.He got offers for Hollywood movies and his remarkable performance in Longest Yard proved his talent in acting too.
Dalip's latest Hollywood film venture is the upcoming comedy Get Smart starring Steve Carell and Bill Murray.Film is expected to be released in sept. 2008.Though he lost to Undertaker this year yet his popularity remains same.Khali is not only a source of inspiration for Indian Youth but for whole world .He has proved that strong will and continuous efforts always bear fruit in any walk of life.Dalip's journey from small village to Hollywood give a message:"If your duty is to sweep ,sweep so well that no body can excel you"

Scene from Longest Yard
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