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Marriage in Himachal

Every community,region,religion has its own set of customs and manners .Marriage customs in Devbhoomi Himachal not only differ from one done in rest of India but also within state.Kundli(Horoscope) still plays a vital role in match making.Marriage in same gotra and inter cast marriages are still not considered good.Once the horoscopes match then priest fixes date of marriage .Different districts of Himachal has different marriage customs .Bride and Groom are carried in Palki in some places .Boy has to wear Dhoti to perform some rituals in marriage.Girl normally wear a suit(Now a days Lehngas are also popular).Bride is given jewelry ,cloths etc by grooms family .Bride is also given jewelry by her maternal uncle and family.Dham(Lunch served) is one of attraction of Himachali marriage .

Here are some videos which will let you enjoy a Himachali marriage .

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