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Why Himachal is called Dev Bhoomi ?

People always wonder why Himachal is known as Dev Bhoomi(Land of God)? Land of snow fed meadows, singing streams has more than 2000 temples with almost every village having at least one temple besides community Devta or local Deities. If you track high areas of Himachal and find small temples built of stone at places with no habitation then don't be surprised. It is a common thing in Himachal.

No fair or festival is complete without the presence of local Devta who travel in Palki. Belief is such that there are places in Himachal where all the decisions are made by the Deity. Whether someone is suffering from hysteria, ill mental health, or it is a land dispute all has to be solved by local Deities.

It may sound unrealistic and unbelievable to rest of world but still few people of DevBhoomi believe in such things and they always abide by whatever is being ordered by local Deities.

The Temples in Himachal Pradesh are both, the holy places as well as the tourist places. One should not miss eighty four temples of Bharmaur including swarg ka dwar, Chintpurni, Jawaliji, Naina Devi, Hidimba devi temple, Vashisith, Chamunda Devi, Kathgarh Temple Indora, Shiv Temple Baijnath, Jakhu temple and list goes on.............

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