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Himachali songs & lyrics

Himachali songs have their own uniqueness of lyrics, music and composition. Himachal music industry has picked up lately and as of today Himachali albums are being released by music bigwigs like T-Series every now and then. A number of local music companies too have come up which has been proved a boom to  Himachali folk music. These music companies have not only provided financial support to folk singers and artists but have also helped Himahcali music in reaching  audience worldwide.

Lyrics (गीत)
Till recently main soul of Himachali songs has been the lyrics. Most of the songs sounded pure and shrine to ears without any instrumental accompaniment. Himachali songs has always been based on stories, regional beliefs, like human love and separation of lovers, scarifies etc. Songs of the hill state reflect the natural beauty of the DevBhoomi. Now a days so many new lyricists  have come up in the state and all songs which are composed are not based on stories or beliefs. It's a time of  remixes, pop music and fusion, and Himachali music is also singing to same tune.

Folk songs of Himachal Pradesh comprise of  ritual songs sung on marriages or other religious occasions, festival songs, heroic songs, love songs and devotional or divine songs. Most of  the Devotional or Bhakti songs are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Two most popular devotional songs on lord Shiva are "Dhudu Nacheya.. jata...." or "Shiv Kailason ke vassi.."

Few Popular Himachali songs and albums (कुछ प्रसिद्ध हिमाचली गाने)  
"Rohru jana meri amiye..."
"Non Stop Pahari Natian "
"Niru Chali Ghumadi"
"Bheda teriyan.."
"Phojiya sipahiya.."
"Kunchu Chanchlo"
"Parliya baniya more je bole ho..."
"Chamba aar ke..."
"Kuch saldiyan.."
"saun mahine.."
"Pani re Tanki"
"Ranju Phulmu" and list goes on. Listen few of your favorite pahari songs below.

Mohit Chauhan, popular Bollywood singer who hails from Himachal Pradesh has always tried his best to give Himachali music wordwide audience by using Himachali music and including at least one pahari song in his albums. Mohit's new album Fitoor once again has one Himachali song " माये नी मेरिये (Mayee ni meriye..).. "

Visit YouTube to enjoy more Himachali folk songs and video albums.

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