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Himachali , Pahari songs on Amazon Alexa

Himachali songs are all over the internet and especially YouTube for many years now. With high speed internet available to all, it has become easy to listen to your favourite Pahari songs on your mobile phone, TV or other devices. People are no more dependent on CDs/DVDs or old audio cassette to listen songs.

Internet and latest devices have given freedom to search and listen to any song of any genre whenever you want. Devices like Alexa and Google Assistant have even made it easy to play your favourite song by following your commands. Once connected to internet, theses devices are so easy to use that even a layman or kid can use them.

Alexa, is a virtual assistant from Amazon that uses artificial intelligence to interact with humans, music playback and other tasks like settings alarms, playing latest news etc. While Alexa can play many Hindi, English and other regional language songs, can it also play your favourite Himachali or Pahari song? The answers is yes. You can ask Alexa to play your favourite Himachali songs and it will not disappoint you.

Just try these commands for example to play Pahari songs-

"Alexa, play Shiv Kailashon Ke Vaasi"
"Alexa, play Mera Bhola Hai Bhandari by Hansraj Raghuwanshi"
"Alexa play Kunzu Chanchalo"
"Alexa play Neeru Chali Ghumdi"

You can also ask Alexa intersting questions related to Himachal Pradesh like "Who is CM of Himachal Pradesh"

If you live outside Himachal and crave for Himachali songs, just ask Alexa and listen to your favourite song.

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