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Cloudburst in Himachal

Comes July and cloudburst starts hitting Dev Bhoomi. A cloudburst is extreme rainfall, sometimes mixed with hail and thunder, which normally lasts no longer than a few minutes but is capable of creating minor flood conditions. Cloudbursts descend from very high clouds, sometimes with tops above 15 kilometers.Meteorologists say the rain from a cloudburst is usually of the shower type with a fall rate equal to or greater than 100 mm (4.94 inches) per hour. The monsoon rains during July and August put a lot of water into the Himalayan soil; when there are instances of cloudbursts, the results can be disastrous. Cloudbursts frequently occur in Himachal Pradesh during the monsoon. Himachal has experienced too much loss due to this unavoidable natural calamity.

Reason for cloud burst:
During the thunderstorms, the air mass that goes up from the lower level carries a certain amount of water in it. Sometimes that air current abruptly stops moving and the water mass falls down forcefully on the surface of earth. This natural phenomenon is known as cloudburst. In fact, cloudbursts fall from a very high altitude. That is why the force of cloudbursts is so strong. The primary reason behind cloudburst is the rapid concentration of the pieces of clouds in the sky. The result of cloudbursts sometimes causes great harm to the certain place it appears.

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