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Prominent Personalities of Himachal

Dev Bhoomi Himachal has produced legends who brought name and fame to Himachal through their unconventional efforts in different walks of life. Their dedication to their respective fields is exemplary.

Entertainment and Cinema

· Jugal Kishor (Film Director: Dada Fame) : Ever thought that famous old Hindi film Dada having popular song " Dil ke tukde tukde kar ke muskara ke chal diye... Read More

· Ramesh Sharma(Film Producer): Ramesh Sharma who has produced movies like Baaghi , hails from Jhaniari village of Hamirpur district.

· Preity Zinta (Actress)
Zinta as the teenage single mother Priya Baksh...Image via Wikipedia

· Kangna Ranaut(Actress): Kangna Ranaut, noted Bollywood actress hails from Bhambla village
of  Himachal Pradesh (India).

· Prem Chopra: Brought up in Himachal. What Prem Chopra says about his stay in Himachal in an interview with Screen?

“Himachal Pradesh, for me, means greenery, beautiful scenery and content and loving people. Compared to the big city, the locales are very happy there. And their happiness shows on their faces. I guess it is the weather, the environment or may be it is because people don’t have too many desires and are happy with what little they have. They know how to live within their limited budget. In Himachal Pradesh, you can feel the nature taking care of you. I would say the place has been blessed with nature. Even the mud smells divine.” Read More….

·Anupam Kher

maine gandhi ko nahin maraImage by mlanghans via Flickr

Mohit Chauhan, SingerImage via Wikipedia

·Mohit Chauhan: Mohit Chauhan who came into the lime light with the song ‘Dooba Dooba Rehta Hoon’ from his first album Boondein hails from Sirmaur(Nahan) in Himachal. Read More...

·Manohar Singh

·Shriya Sharma(Kasuati zindgi key and Kya aap Panchvi Pass Se Tej Hain fame: She belongs to Nurpur area of Himachal. Read More...

·Shreya(Blue Umbrella fame)


·Shanta Kumar: Great Politician and writer

·Y.S. Parmar : Great Politician

·Pahari Gandhi Baba Kanshi Ram(Freedom fighter and Poet)


·Maj. Somnath Sharma(PVC)

·Capt Vikram Batra(PVC for Kargil War)

·Sourbah Kalia

·Rifle Man Sanjay Kumar(PVC for Kargil War): Sanjay hails from the Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh.


·Great Khali: WWE fighter belongs to Dhirana village of Sirmaur Distt. in Himachal Read More….

·Suman Rawat: ( Arjuna Awardee)

Famous Personalities related to Himachal
Himachal’s Shrine and pure environment has attracted people so much that they decided to make Himachal their home for their creative work

·Nicholas Roerich: Russian painting artist who lived at Naggar in Manali. Roerich Art Galley, Naggar, Kulu is the hot spot for tourists and art lovers.

·Sardar Shoba Singh: Famous painting artist from who created his most memorable paintings at Andreta near Palampur. Shoba Singh Art Gallery is full of his remarkable work and a must visit place for art lovers. During his 38 year stay at Andretta, S. Sobha Singh painted hundreds of paintings including famous “Kangra Bride” and ‘Her grace the Gaddan’. See his famous paintings

·Norah Richards (Drama): Norah Richards famous theater artist also chose Andretta as her abode .

·Ruskin Bond: Ruskin Bond (Born 19 May, 1934) famous Indian author of British descent. He was born in Kasauli (Himachal Pradesh). His famous work includes Blue Umbrella, The Kite maker.

Ruskin Bond Solan HimachalImage via Wikipedia

Others Who lived or are living in Himachal

·Dalai Lama: His holy Dalai lama running Tibetan Govt. in exile from Dharamshala(Kangra).

·Dev Anannd: Evergreen actor completed his college education from Govt. Degree college Dharamshala(Kangra).

·Amrish Puri: Mogembo graduated from BM College in Himachal. Read what Amrish Puri says about his stay in Himachal in an interview with Screen?

I have very pleasant memories associated with Simla. Back in the 40s and 50s the place was a haven of nature. I recall with nostalgia my many walks along the Mall road. The cool breeze caressed you and you could just walk and walk without feeling tiresome. Now of course the place is so overcrowded that one shudders to set foot there…..”
Read More….

·Hamid Karzai: Hamid Karzai President of Afghanistan studied in Himachal from 1979 to 1983, Karzai took a postgraduate course in political science at Himachal Pradesh University in Shimla .

·Omar Abdulla: Studied in Himachal at the Lawrence School, Sanawar, near Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh state

·Sanjay Dutt: He was educated at the Lawrence School, Sanawar, near Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh state

·Balraj Sahni : Remained Associated with Gaiety theater, Shimla.

·Parikishit Sahni: Studied at studied at Lawrence School Sanawar, Himachal. What Parikishit Sahni says about his stay in Himachal in an interview with Screen?
"When I think of Himachal Pradesh, the first thing that comes to my mind is the fantastic beauty of the state, the snow-capped mountains, the landscape, the tall pine trees, the clouds. Also the people there are so nice, well-behaved, warm and peace-loving. I don’t know whether to say this or not but marijuana is freely available there, which is why you have many people, especially foreign tourists flocking to Kulu Manali."
Read More….
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  1. I could not find a photograph of Suman Rawat, who won arjuna award in 1986 for her performance in 1986 asian games

  2. 1. Ajnesh Chauhan from Bilaspur Captained indian Handball team for 3 yrs
    2. Shamsher Jung won Gold medals at commonwealth


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