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How to book HRTC bus tickets online?

It's well known fact that Himachal is doing well at IT front and most of the departments, organizations, corporations and boards of Himachal Pradesh govt. has gone Hi-Tech. HRTC is one such organization which has undergone technological transformation from vehicle tracking systems (VTS), electronic tickets to booking e-tickets online.

Over last  3-4  years online bus ticket booking system of HRTC has gone more stable and user friendly. The website which was having so many glitches and flaws in the booking and payment flow, has gone a long way since then. Now not only you can book tickets for Volvo and Him Gaurav but also for ordinary buses running on long routes. Though usability and design wise the website still has issues, yet it works most of the times :).

Here is how you can book HRTC bus tickets online:
  • Create an account on the booking portal
  • Login to the website and click on "Book Ticket" on the left
  • Select source and destination along with journey date and bus service type (Volvo, ordinary)
  • Select the route id as per your preferred timings for traveling
  • On next screen select the seat number as per your convenience from available seats

  • Once you have selected seats, you need to enter your details along with ID proof you would carry while traveling. To discourage ticket agents mafia, websites asks you to mention identity proof along with ID number 
  • You would be redirected to payment gateway to make the payment. After payment you would get the e-ticket

For more information on booking, cancellation or refunds you can visit FAQ section of the website.  Next time you plan to travel in Himachal, book your ticket online and share your experience.

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